Other Side Catch-Up

Other Side Drive Last month, Michelle and Melissa spoke with an Austin rapper, Phranchyze. “I’m telling a story that hasn’t been told” -Phranchyze Go To Stereo (unfortunately without Julias and Nico) the KTSW studio again during Stephanie and Garret’s show. The two also got the chance to speak with and listen to Oregon’s The Harmed Brothers “One person we’ve never met mouthed the words to one of our songs, and it touched deep” -Go To Stereo Again “We’re a family now.” -The Harmed Brothers Harrison and Anyssa spoke to Texas State’s La Bella Vida’s Dan and Derick about the past, … Continue reading Other Side Catch-Up

Other Side Drive This Week

Valerie Gomez Social Media Contributor Hey guys, so this is your preview to what is coming up this week! No time to lose. First and foremost, Tuesday is Election Day! I hope everyone is registered and ready to vote this year, or perhaps you already voted? Tune in to Other Side Drive to get some great music and segments–call us up and request a song if you’d like! Make sure to stay tuned to KTSW 89.9 after Other Side Drive for extensive local coverage of the election–the News Department will keep you informed and up-to-the-minute on races both in San … Continue reading Other Side Drive This Week