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Last month, Michelle and Melissa spoke with an Austin rapper, Phranchyze.

“I’m telling a story that hasn’t been told”


Go To Stereo (unfortunately without Julias and Nico) the KTSW studio again during Stephanie and Garret’s show. The two also got the chance to speak with and listen to Oregon’s The Harmed Brothers

“One person we’ve never met mouthed the words to one of our songs, and it touched deep”

-Go To Stereo Again

“We’re a family now.”
-The Harmed Brothers

Harrison and Anyssa spoke to Texas State’s La Bella Vida’s Dan and Derick about the past, present, and future of the student run organization featured on youtube.com.

“We’re trying to brand this thing as a full on TV show”

-Derick of La Bella Vida

Garrett and Stephanie caught up with two of KTSW’s Third Thursday bands, Fat Back Circus and Residual Kid

“We like to change it up, keep it real, experiment”

-Fatback Circus

“You can’t make a fill and then forget it”

-Residual Kid

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