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The interior garden of Taylor-Murphy Hall.


Post-Semester Structure Loss

By Sofia Psolka Web Content Contributor  Reaching the end of the semester is always difficult for me. Three months of hard work, strict hours, even down to the routine shuttle schedules—I’ve got each second of every day to the “T”! But now it’s lost. School is over and I’m thrown into this liminal space of not really knowing what to do with myself, until spring throws me back in front of […]

todayDecember 16, 2022 40

The cover of "Frog and Toad Together" by Arnold Lobel.


Frog and Toad Celebrate Friendsgiving 

By Sofia Psolka Web Content Contributor  The season of thanks is upon us, no matter how badly Target and Walmart want to convince you otherwise. Right before you turn on your radio or plug in some AirPods to blast Mariah Carey’s greatest, most nauseating hit, take a moment to remember all the things you’re grateful for (like being financially stable enough to have a car and a pair of AirPods.) […]

todayNovember 18, 2022 19 1

the members of Summer Rental stare face the audience as the audience throws a beach ball, at Sewell Stage. 


SM Fest: Summer Rental and Blevins

By Sofia Psolka Web Content Contributor Sewell Park opened its stage to local bands on Oct. 23 to close out the sixth annual SM Fest. I pulled up just in time to catch two local favorites: Summer Rental and Blevins. People were sitting along the riverbank, enjoying the warm air, taking dips into the water. Guys playing basketball as kids ran around the court; skaters and bikers popping wheelies and […]

todayNovember 1, 2022 25


5 Spooky Reads for Halloween

By Sofia Psolka Web Content Contributor With a cold front and Halloween right around the corner, there is no better time to curl up with your fuzzy blanket, hot cup of whatever-have-you in hand, and a monstrous tale in the other. I’ve perused the darkest corners of my bookshelves to compile a list of diverse formats to suit your thrill of choice. With no further ado, put your best ambient […]

todayOctober 18, 2022 36 1

AirPod Pros (center) lie opened, on brown marbled concrete.


Apple AirPods: Friends or Foes?

By Sofia Psolka Web Content Contributor When Apple released their first wire-free headset, everyone went crazy—AirPods became the new best friend. If you ever wanted to tune out a particularly boring conversation, you could simply pop in the pods; discrete and effective! It was a source of comfort and protection from dreaded social interaction. No one cared about the subpar sound quality, compared to competitors like Beats by Dre or […]

todayOctober 9, 2022 37

From left to right, "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley, "the Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger, and "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess are pictures in front of a collaged background. The background consists of cursive script, in the top left corner, and an arts-and-crafts version of the night sky, in the bottom right corner. Under the three book covers, the subtitle, “banned books” runs.


Books You Should Read: Banned Book Edition

By Sofia Psolka Web Content Contributor  “This is a dangerous time for readers and the public servants who provide access to reading materials. Readers, particularly students, are losing access to critical information, and librarians and teachers are under attack for doing their jobs.” -Deborah Caldwell-Stone, director of the ALA’s Office for Intellectual Freedom. Are you feeling a little rebellious? Do you have the urge to break something? To cheat on […]

todaySeptember 21, 2022 75

Bold, white, all-caps center text, reads “DETROIT”. The “O” in “Detroit” is a glowing LED. The LED represents the external feedback component, attached to the temple of each android. Beneath“DETROIT”, the subtitle reads “BECOME HUMAN” in a small white, all-cap, font. The background is a series of overlapping rhombi, in various shades of blue.


AI: Close to Human

By Sofia Psolka Web Content Contributor The year is 2038; the latest political, sociological turmoil: artificial intelligence has acquired sentience! Andromorphic androids walk the same street as you, work the same jobs as you and even feel the same emotions as you... but do you treat it as you would a biological, organic, human? What if a close friend of yours comes out as an android—would you view it as […]

todaySeptember 11, 2022 70 2

A black background highlights a bolded white font reading “Everything Everywhere All at Once” in an elongated all caps.


‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’: a reflection with my Mexican-American mother

By Sofia Psolka KTSW Contributor *Spoiler Warning*     Earlier this year, I went to go see A24’s dadaist, multi-verse movie “Everything Everywhere All at Once." I had seen a few nondescript trailers alluding to a story centering on a Chinese-American family capable of inter-dimensional travel. (A trope that is becoming overused; nonetheless, never fails to fascinate.) The trailers had a looming black everything bagel repeatedly popping up on my […]

todayJune 13, 2022 176 4 2

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