Other Side Drive This Week

Valerie Gomez
Social Media Contributor

Hey guys! We’ve got a super short week (literally, one day) of Other Side Drive so here’s what we’re bringing you.


Members of the band My Education
Photo from the My Education website.

First up, we’ll be giving away tickets to the My Education CD release party! This show takes place next Friday (December 30th) in Austin and includes the likes of Digital Antique, The Clouds Are Ghosts, and Silent Land Time Machine. It looks to be an awesome show so tune in for a chance to win tickets!
Stay tuned in to hear the second part of our two-part special edition of On The Other Hand, brought to you by Sarah Vasquez, about Hurricane Sandy. You’ve heard tons of facts about economic damage, property damage and the like but now you can get some more insight on the effect the storm had on the people who experienced it.

I hope everyone has a GREAT Thanksgiving break– eat a ton of food, watch some football (if that’s your thing) and put off that studying until Sunday! (Don’t listen to that last part.) As always, keep it tuned to KTSW 89.9 from 4-6 pm!


Valerie Gomez

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