Other Side Drive Catch-Up

In the KTSW studio
In the KTSW studio. Photo by KTSW.

Other Side Drive

In late September, Molly and Sara of Texas States’ Feminists United joined David and Jose in the studio to discuss the power of feminism and voting.

“To say that just because you’re a man, you’re not allowed in our group is kind of reverse sexism”

Feminists United

Chocolate Charlie and Halie were able to slow down with Alex and Colin of the Texas State Bike Cave.

“The only requirement is that you show up”

-Alex of the Bike Cave

Anyssa and Harrison got the opportunity to hang out with Myles and Greg of Texas State’s Born2Hoop to discuss the present and future plans of the organization.

“Who knows what the future can hold for it”

Myles Kratzer of Born2Hoop

Foreign Mothers.
Members of the band Foreign Mothers. Photo by KTSW.

Later on in that show, they amped up girl power with Austin’s Foreign Mothers.

“We’re not going to wish for this, we’re just going to do it”

Foreign Mothers

Michelle and Melissa got a chance to speak with New York’s The Dead Exs about life, love and money.

Members of the band The Dead Exs
Members of the band The Dead Exs. Photo by KTSW.

“At the end of the day we’re just trying to get back to love”

The Dead Exs

October 2nd, Stephanie and Garrett hosted College Radio Day and were joined by-a few Texas State alum-New Braunfels’ Go To Stereo

“You could see the silhouette of the guy outside, kind of like a classic horror movie”

Go To Stereo


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