Review: Dylan Mcdonald and the Avians – Out from the Door

Dylan Mcdonald and the Avians

Release date: November 2, 2010
Label: Chonin Records
Review by: Jose Gonzalez

Though he may be Michael Mcdonalds son, Dylan Mcdonald brings in a different sound with the avians. “Out from the door” brings you to a journey with the orchestrated band, and Dylan’s vocals that sound similar to Bob Dylan. “Cursing things” shares that emotional experience to un-answered questions, and the band plays the perfect tone to match with Dylan’s passionate lyrics. “Send me back to earth” has a bit of a country sound, and its perfect to correlate with the mood Dylan sets up. “Out from the door” is great for an outdoor listener, and has an harmonic feel to it that helps complete any tough day.

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