Newscast: Polar Plunge

Isamar Terrazas

Earlier this month, the San Marcos Polar Plunge event took place. Polar Plunge is an event through Special Olympics that is done all throughout Texas. The event allows individuals or groups to sign up and raise money prior to the Polar Plunge event and then on the day of the event those same individuals jump into the cold waters to show their support. The event takes place all day and the Special Olympics committee organizes several programs throughout the day with the help of sponsors, with everything benefiting the Special Olympics organization in Texas. Several campus organizations participated in the event and help fundraise money to contribute for the good cause. Jennifer Radford works for the committee organizing the San Marcos Polar Plunge and she talked about what the Special Olympics organization does.

“Special Olympics is an organization, it’s not really an event. It’s an organization that holds events throughout the year, so it’s on a regional level, it’s on a state level, it’s on a national and international level. There’s always state events in the spring, the summer, the fall, and the winter. I know on their website there’s plenty of events that are constantly going on and Texas State actually hosts a basketball tournament in Jowers.”
– Jennifer Radford

Students and staff could also contribute to the Special Olympics organization and attend events hosted by them. For more information visit their website

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