Review: Fierce Bad Rabbit – The Maestro and The Elephant

Fierce Bad Rabbit - The Maestro And The Elephant

Released: December 31st, 2012
Label: Independent release
By: Jill Stephenson

Colorado based Fierce Bad Rabbit comes together to release their second full-length album. Drawing strong comparisons to groups like The Head and The Heart, the group manages to produces some catchy songs including the album opener “Wildflowers” and “When All You Got Is Worry…Let Go.” The album as a whole is an enjoyable listen, something to have on in the background, but it seems to lack a punch or some distinguishing feature to set it apart from the formulaic boys with guitars plus a girl with a violin that has become so prevalent in recent years. They find their stride in bluegrass inspired tunes like “Better Days.” All in all the album is a great step forward for the band and perhaps with some more direction and maturity, Fierce Bad Rabbit can release another album that is distinctly their own.

KTSW Webmaster

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