Music Review: Particle Zoo – Into the Fray

particle zoo - into the fray
Released: Jan. 8, 2011
Review By: Anna Strickland

Particle Zoo manages to bring together two categories in their music, fusing an upbeat rhythm with a rock-ish vibe. Their sound is akin to The Kinks and each song includes a variety of instruments, including a retro-synth. The laid back atmosphere that comes along with this album blends nicely with the actual lyrics of the songs, most of which are a bit pessimistic. Some examples include “Walls closing in all around us
good god, they found us again” in Secret Meanings and Lies and “All my skies are filled with a blue sun,
can’t I change it for a brighter one?” in Blue Sun. It is easy to get lost in the rhythm of each song. They are very soothing but backed with a lot of meaning. Also, most tracks ends with instrumentals, which allows the mind to drift away for a moment until the next song begins. The band is a favorite in New Jersey, and as of now they have toured only in that area. Here’s hoping they make a trip to Texas in the near future, as word on the street is their live shows are something inspirational.

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