Young Farmers Grant

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Commissioner Todd Staples with the Texas Department of Agriculture awarded grants to 18 young Texans in order to promote farming and ranching productivity in the state. A program that has been around since 2009. It gives young adults between the ages of 18 to 45 a chance to expand or create farmland to feed the increasing population. With farmers hitting retirement age, new men and women are needed to fill in their boots. Bryan Black, who is the Director of Communication at the TDA, says that the money rose for the grants do not come from our taxes.

 “The young farmer grant program is entirely funded by farmers and ranchers. It involves no state tax revenue. Awards are funded by the Agricultural Vehicle Registration fees paid by farmers and ranchers, so you and I who aren’t actual farmers and ranchers, our tax dollars are not going to this. It actually comes from farmers and ranchers themselves.”
-Bryan Black

 The TDA knows that the drought has affected a lot of farmers and ranchers but they are hoping that with grants like these, they will encourage people to join the agriculture industry. Two rounds of grants are awarded during the year allowing for more young Texans to apply and help raise a ranch or farm.

Isamar Terrazas, KTSW News.

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