I stand with Wendy

Roe v. Wade Anniversary Sparks Student Rally

I stand with Wendy
Photo Credit: Victoria Ogden

To commemorate the 41st Anniversary of the Roe v. Wade case, a group of pro-choice advocates, like Texas State’s Victoria Ogden, came together for a rally at the Capitol in Austin on January 25th.

College Democrats from Texas State University, along with Texas State Feminist United, banned together taking a day trip to Austin to form their rally “Project Counter,” when it was said that an anti-choice group was organizing their own rally in opposition of Roe v. Wade.

“Our main goal of this rally and march was to be “vocal and visual” that we care about this issue and won’t allow the Texas Legislature to continue to pass legislation that will compromise the rights of women,”  Victoria Ogden said.

“We wanted to show our support of Senator Davis, Senator Van de Putte, and other statewide candidates who have fought the uphill battle for legislation that supports women.”
– Victoria Ogden

The event Project Counter started at a restaurant called Scholz Garden. As the advocates spent a few hours there, eating, mingling, and hearing inspiring speakers. The advocates then marched up to the capitol and were greeted by lines of State Troopers standing in between them and the other group.

“It was exciting to be there. Aside from some angry people of the opposition yelling at us, it was a pretty peaceful demonstration.”
–  Victoria Ogden

Their next efforts will be registering voters for the upcoming primary election and for the extremely important gubernatorial election in November.

Tessa Andrade, KTSW News

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