San Marcos fire department

San Marcos Fire Department Award Ceremony

San Marcos fire department
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The San Marcos Fire Department held their annual award ceremony on Saturday, February 22. The ceremony announced promotions, awards, recognized retirees, and honored the firefighters who help this city.

Fire Chief Les Stephens is in charge of leading the Fire Departments award ceremony and has the privilege of awarding those who serve in the San Marcos Fire Department.

The top awards for the event include: Iron Man of the Year, Firefighter of the Year, and Officer of the Year. Isaac Hernandez was named “Iron Man of the Year” for responding to the most calls during 2013. Hernandez responded to a total of 482 emergency calls. Jordan Hutto was named Firefighter of the Year, and Battalion Chief Howard Minor received Officer of the Year.

The highest award, known as the Phoenix Award, went to Captain Jay Horton, Jonathan Henderson and Daniel Martinez.

“The Phoenix Award is the highest of the non-voted awards because it is given to people who actually save someone’s life. So that means that our firefighters came into contact with someone who was pulseless, and the perform CPR and lifesaving measures. In order to receive the award, that person does not have to temporarily  regain a pulse, they have to be discharged from the hospital.”
–  Les Stephens

There were three firefighters who retired this year from the SMFD: Jim Turnage, Len Nored and Russell Allen. These three gentlemen received commemorative axes and badges in honor of all they have done to help serve in our city.

Several awards were given out at the ceremony and all firefighters were recognized and appreciated in some way.

Allie Ibarra, KTSW News

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