DJ Highlight: Ricky “Cheese” Jennings

The Musician

On-Air Talent – Ricky Jennings
Program Director – Melissa Bond
Editor – Mark Alvarez

There is so much more than meets the eye when meeting Ricky Jennings. This DJ has brought to KTSW a new charisma with his love for sound, not only by contributing but by exceeding expectations. Ricky a.k.a “Cheese” Jennings is a sound engineer with a passion for recording music as well as projects that span a variety of areas, making him a valuable part of the KTSW family. A Sound Recording Technology major and senior  at Texas State, Ricky’s time with KTSW began during the summer of 2013 where he has been making moves ever since.

Not only does Ricky provide vocal talent as an on-air DJ, but his passion for sound transcends that. During his time at KTSW, he has established himself as a host for Other Side Drive and works as a Live Sound Tech for the department, where he is Day Producer and Live Tech Coordinator.

“My time at KTSW has certainly had a positive impact.,” Jenning said when asked how his experiences at the station have shaped his love for sound and deepened his ambitions as a sound engineer. “I had to learn the sound boards we work with, all the necessary gear, and even how to present and operate as a professional sound tech. Also, as an Other Side Drive host, I’ve learned how to work and interact with musicians better! It’s been a great chunk of “hands-on” experience.”

Aside from being one of KTSW’s bests, Ricky also enjoys spending time playing music. Branding himself a musician, he from time to time plays at Taxi’s and Triple Crowne  when he’s not studying or working on yet another one of his sound projects. Other than that, you can find Ricky on campus during classes, in the Fire Station Studio, or just about anywhere in town.

“I love the city of San Marcos!” Jennings said staying true to his sign off catch phrase “Stay Groovy San Marcos.”

The Sound Engineer

Ricky shouldn’t be hard to find with this years MR Fest approaching this April. His excitement was evident when asked how he felt towards the upcoming festivities, “I am super excited for MR Fest this year! Lots of awesome groups and awesome people to look forward to seeing” Jennings said, “Among our lineup are several friends of mine, who I am excited to see perform. I don’t have anything in particular I’m working on for it, but I’m sure there will be something I can help with.”

Ricky Jennings has defined himself as many things, a DJ, a musician, a sound engineer. Ricky sure has developed an identity for himself that boasts diligence, passion, and individuality, not only towards his studies or career here at KTSW, but also towards fulfilling his passion as a musician.

Click here to download some of Ricky Cheese’s best.

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