Bobcat Radio – Interview with Arch Aerial’s Ryan Baker

Bobcat Radio

April 23rd, 2014
Hosts – Ishmael Johnson, Warren Schorr and Kirk Jones
Producer – Skye Wallace
Editor – Ishmael Johnson

*A special edition of Bobcat Radio had Ryan Baker, CEO and founder of Arch Aerial on the show to discuss the use of drone technology in sports media.

Segment 1: Texas State Talk

Texas State Baseball:
– Recap of Tuesday night against Baylor
– Preview for Wednesday night against Baylor
– Importance of Ty Harrington’s 500th win

Texas State Softball:
– Weekend series loss to Western Kentucky
– Preview the Strikeout Cancer game against Texas


Segment 2: Introducing Ryan Baker and Arch Aerial

– Introduction of Ryan Baker and his time at SxSW 2014
– How Arch Aerial got started
– The current uses of drone technology in sports and other facets

Segment 3: Issues of Using Drones

– New Era triathlon incident
– Texas regulations over unmanned aircraft, discussion of House Bill 912
– FAA regulation
– Limits of the technology at this point

Segment 4: Future Possibilities of Drones Technology

– What the future holds for Arch Aerial and drone technology in sports media

Check out Arch Aerial on twitter and on their main site

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