The Canvas People

In Studio: The Canvas People

By: Daniel Fickman
On-Air Talent: Rick Jennings and Daniel Fickman
Live Sound Technician: Rick Jennings
Other Side Drive Producer: Shannon Williams

The Canvas People In-Studio Interview and Performance

The Canvas People consists of Wes Maxwell, Kyle Taylor and Luke Williams. They play a mix of Indie/Rock and Indie/Folk and last week Daniel and Rick had the great fortune of chatting it up with this rockin trio. They discuss everything from songwriting to plans for the future. One of those plans include producing a music video for their song, “Empty House.” You can hear that beautiful melody in this awesome segment.

You can also check out “Canvas People EP,” on Spotify and iTunes! And keep an ear out for their debut full-length LP titled, “Sirens,” coming out soon! And guess where else you can catch The Canvas people…at a little music festival called MR Fest. That’s right! So take a listen to this awesome interview!

The Canvas People
Kyle Taylor, Wes Maxwell and Luke Williams
Photo by Erin Hampe

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