Migrant Kids

Thundering Rock with the Passionate Migrant Kids

Migrant Kids complete In-Studio

By: Shannon Williams and Rick Jennings
On-Air Talent: Rick Jennings and Daniel Fickman
Other Side Drive Producer: Shannon Williams

Superfly's Crowd The aptly named Migrant Kids are a three piece group. Although all are residing in Austin, they come from all over the US. They spend their time writing music and touring as much as they can over the weekends, and they manage it all themselves.

Their music is as ambitious as they are, with it’s thoughtful vocals over powerful delicately crafted and grand post rock. They cite influences such as David Lynch and the method acting techniques of Stanislavski. It feels sincere, organic, and packed with raw emotion.

During the interview, we learned that the drummer multitasks while on the job. He can drum, he can sample, and it’s something he’s really new to.

“I’m still really working on it. The three of us did the record and we didn’t hold anything back in production. We made this big expansive album and then thought, oh no, how are we going to play this live.

Following the release of the big, grand, and artfully done concept album, Migrant Kids faced reality. In the studio they had inadvertently created a new challenge for themselves on stage. The band has spent the past year working to master the recreation of their work done in the studio.


Migrant Kids


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