LeBron Cramp

Bobcat Radio – Can You Handle the Heat?

Bobcat RadioJune 6th, 2014
Hosts – Warren Schorr, Ishmael Johnson, & Dean Garcia
Producer – Warren Schorr
Editor – Fernando Espinosa de los Monteros

Segment 1: Name Drop

Rashad McCants – Former UNC basketball player
Matt Aguero – St. Gregory track coach got fired for running the Boston Marathon
San Antonio AC Company

Photo Source: gannett-cdn.com

Segment 2: Texas State Sports

– Recap Cat interview from Wednesday’s Show
– Will any Bobcat baseball players get drafted? Austen Williams and Garrett Mattlage should get drafted its just a matter of when they will get drafted.
– Recap Texas State’s first year in the Sun Belt Conference

  •       Hosted the Sun Belt Soccer tournament
  •       Finished 3rd in the Vic Bubas Cup the All-Sports Sun Belt competition. Only ULL and Akransas State beat them. Pretty Solid first year in the conference and Volleyball won the tournament title

– Looking ahead to Texas State future in the Sun Belt
– NCAA Super Regionals
– What Super intrigues you most?  OK St vs UC Irvine, UT vs Houston, Louisville vs Kennesaw State, Vandy vs Stanford, Tech vs Col of Charleston, TCU vs Pepperdine, ULL vs Ole Miss, UVA vs Maryland.
– 8 teams that hosted a regional lost. Including No 1. Seed Oregon State, 2 seed UF, IU no 4 FSU, LSU


Segment 3: Professional Sports

– Quick World Cup Preview:
– USMNT Thoughts and all the star players hurt. Ribery out Falcao out, Ronaldo maybe out.
– Approaching 100 games left in the year what are your impressions on the season?
– Biggest surprise team and player?

World Cup
Photo Source: wp.streetwise.co

Segment 4: Final Thoughts

– Spurs won 110-95. Duncan had 21 pts 10 boards and shot 9-10 from the field. Ginobili had 16 pts and 11 AST. Spurs shot 58 percent from the field and shot 52% from 3. Spurs had 22 TO
– Heat LeBron had 25 and was the big story of the game as he cramped up couldn’t play in crunch time. Spurs finished the game on a 31-9 run.
– LeBron and his cramping that has the whole nation talking.

LeBron Cramp
Photo Source: sportsonearth.com


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