Sessom Drive Temporarily Closed

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Sessom Drive closed down recently to one lane each way, north and south bound. This $6.5 million dollar renovation project has been designed to reconstruct the roads, add bike lanes and sidewalks, upgrade water and wastewater utilities, as well as, improve our drainage.

The construction has not only affected neighboring residents and businesses, but it has also caused the Texas State Bobcat shuttle buses to re-route from their original routes that involved Sessom Dr. The Bobcat Shuttles will no longer drop off, or pick up, in the Quad Bus loop. I spoke to LBJ resident Nicole Villafona on the LJB construction effects.

“I’ve had to add ten minutes to my departure time, so I can get to where I need to be on time and also I’ve had to take different routes to get back to my apartment.”
– Nicole Villafona

Officials are hoping to re-widen Sessom Dr. by August 18th.

Grant Barber, KTSW News

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