Bobcat Radio – MLB Allstar Aftermath

Bobcat Radio

July 18th, 2014
Hosts – Warren Schorr, Ishmael Johnson, Dean Garcia and Grant Barber
Producer – Warren Schorr
Editor – Ishmael Johnson

Segment 1: Name Drop

– The Open Championship
– Tracy McGrady – Former NBA player retiring from baseball
– Yuki Togashi – Japanese summer league NBA player
– Yasiel Puig

Segment 2: Texas State

Update on Baseball players playing in Summer league
Preview Sun Belt Media Days
Preview the Georgia Southern game

Segment 3: NBA Free Agency

– More LeBron
– Carmelo taking less money
– Who is the favorite in the East and West

Segment 4:MLB

– We are at the All-Star Break who is the biggest surprise team and player
– How tired of Jeter are you?
– What to look for in the second half of the season

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