Spoon - They Want My Soul album cover

Review: Spoon — ‘They Want My Soul’

Spoon - They Want My Soul album cover
Spoon – “They Want My Soul”

By Jordan Bond
Music Reviewer

Artist: Spoon
Album: They Want My Soul
Release Date: Aug. 5, 2014
Label: Loma Vista
Website: http://www.spoontheband.com/

Spoon’s “They Want My Soul” is the first to feature new guitarist Alex Fischel. With this new addition, Spoon has ignited their talent once again, after being away from the music scene for four years.

Songs like “Knock Knock Knock,” “Rent I Pay,” “They Want My Soul” and “I Just Don’t Understand” bring out the band’s signature sound, using acoustic guitar followed by lyrics on the same beat with powerful one liners. At the same time these songs have more behind them when it comes to production value, time and background vocals/guitar.

New member Fischel has brought a lot to the table and seems to have helped Spoon add depth to their music. This album seems to have a calmer tone with a hint of trance/psychedelic sounds to it. Songs like “New York Kiss,” “Inside Out” and “Outlier” represent that aspect.

Overall, this new album is a big two thumbs up. It has everything you’re looking for musically and lyrically, with a song for almost any mood. It also has the original-sounding Spoon tracks that you can zone out to while getting lost in its brilliant simplicity.

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