Player Profiles: Stephen Smith

By Bethany Perales
KTSW Sports

Linebacker #40 Stephen Smith
Texas State linebacker #40 Stephen Smith. Photo courtesy of the Texas State Athletic Department.

I  talked with Texas State sophomore linebacker Stephen Smith who is originally from Missouri City, Texas.

Smith touched on questions that most people wonder about, like how student athletes manage their schedule when juggling both practice and classes.

He shared his tips on how to be successful both on-and-off the field.

Stephen Smith: It’s just really your time schedule and stick to it and what works for you. Sometimes I wake up at 6 a.m. and I’m not done ’till nine ‘o’ clock at night with study hall school and practice. The best thing to do is get a planner and have everything planned out.

Smith told me what motivates him and makes him want to get up in the morning to conquer each day.

SS: Family is the biggest support I have and I just want to keep them proud.  

Smith explained how he stays healthy and what he does outside football that contributes to his success on the field.

SS: I try to eat right, stay hydrated and work hard everyday at practice.  

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