Jonathan Sorenson

2014 Election Profiles – Jonathan Sorenson

By Taylor Zavala
News Reporter

Johnathan Sorenson
Jonathan Sorenson, San Marcos mayoral candidate. Courtesy photo.

Jonathan Sorenson, a Texas State alumnus and business manager with San Marcos Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center, is one of the three mayoral candidates for the November 4 elections in San Marcos.

As a 14-year resident of San Marcos, Sorenson said he’s not a politician, unlike his competition, but a fresh, young face who can provide a new perspective on how the city handles certain situations.

“I’ve been watching from the outside looking in for years,” said Sorenson. “I’m energetic and I’m young, and I’m excited and I’m ready to get started. I don’t really have a personal life to begin with so that makes things easier. It’s all about priorities and in most cases my personal life has to take a backseat to my passion, and my passion has definitely been this city.” 

When asked what residents of San Marcos should expect to hear from city council candidates during election season, Sorenson said a few of his choice issues will be housing and the conservation of San Marcos and the environment.

“The basis of my campaign is protecting San Marcos,” he said. “You can roll that however you want but we have to protect San Marcos, we have to protect the river, our aquifer, the beauty of our city and our neighborhoods and maybe even most important our neighborhoods because some of them are 50 to 60 to 70 years old; we have to make sure we’re providing for them because that’s stability, that’s stability that our city needs. 

But Sorenson said he hopes the government can help protect local businesses and even draw business to San Marcos in hopes of helping the city flourish.

Sorenson said he hopes he can gain the support of both Texas State students and residents of San Marcos in order to help the city grow as the years continue.

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