These Are the Ghoul Times

By Nestor Vazquez
Web Editor

Courtesy photo.

Oh boy, Halloween is back again already? I remember thinking as a kid that Halloween was the most entertaining holiday of all time. Whether it was watching all the Halloween-themed episodes of sitcoms, eagerly unwrapping candy that was supposed to be given to trick ‘r treaters or being so excited about trick ‘r treating that I wouldn’t sleep the night before; something about Halloween always made me have fun.

While the innocence of Halloween might have been lost with age, it’s still one of my favorite holidays of all time. The chance to dress up as a favorite character or bring out the Hyde aspect of your life always grabs a hold of my attention. The fact that so many people use Halloween to dress up as whatever they like makes it that much better when you see how creative people can get with their costumes.

My favorite Halloween activity has to be costume contests. While my attempts at winning have always been trumped by outlandish, hilarious or witty costumes, it always brings me joy seeing all the fun to be had. With stores cashing in on selling costumes, like Spirit Halloween, it’s always better to see someone go out of their way by creating costumes through simple supplies. The best costume I have ever seen would probably be the Tapatio Chile sauce man wearing the giant chile bottle and mariachi uniform. Sadly, not many people pay attention to the costume aspect and merely use it as an excuse to dress provocatively. But hey, at least it’s all in the name of good fun, which is the most important part for me.

Unfortunately, I won’t be participating in this year’s Halloween festivities because of a lack of money and not being creative enough. What used to be the holiday I would look forward to the most has turned into one I tend to overlook. Besides the point, I still hope that everyone has a great Halloween and has a safe time. While it’s a night to run loose, it’s also a night to be aware of your surroundings. Be safe everyone.

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