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Bobcat Radio: Texas State Loses To Georgia Southern



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Nov. 10, 2014
Hosted by Evan Spielvogel, Ryan Marcus, Kirk Jones

Segment 1:

Our name drops this week are Tori Hale, the Texas A&M quarterback, and the Ohio State quarterback.

Segment 2: 

Tori Hale ended her Texas State Soccer career with 10 goals and 19 assists (score record).
Texas State Women’s Basketball opens up their season Saturday.
Texas State Volleyball lost in straight sets to University of Arkansas at Little Rock, who is number one in the Sun Belt Conference.
Texas State Men’s Basketball starts their season this week, looking to rebound from last year.
Texas State Football lost to the number one team in the Sun Belt.

Segment 3:

We talk about the University of North Carolina basketball, Roy Williams controversy.
Did Jameis Winston shave points?
NCAA football Auburn upset at home and Notre Dame goes down hard.
NBA is off and running.

Segment 4:

NFL has a big week as upsets happen all around the league.
NFL week 11 picks.

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