Students Take Wurstfest

By Allie Ibarra
News Reporter

Wurstfest Festival. Courtesy Photo.
Wurstfest Festival. Courtesy photo.

Sausage on a stick, potato pancakes and beer are just a few of the things that attract the college demographic to New Braunfels for Wurstfest. Texas State Criminal Justice major Sicily Aguero said Wurstfest is a great place for college students to have a good time.

“Wurstfest is a great place for us college students to learn about other cultures,” Aguero said.

Aguero also said the food is amazing and the music is awesome too.

Aguero isn’t the only one who enjoys the food at the festival. Texas State Studio Art major Spencer Harris said he tries to attend Wurstfest every year. He said he enjoys going for the food and is fond of trying new things each time.

“Today, I also tried porkchop on a stick and that was delicious,” Harris said.

Wurstfest has come to an end this year, but don’t worry. The 10-day festival will be back again next year.

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