Alex Simms

Player Profiles: Alex Simms

By Kiersten Ehr
KTSW Sports

Texas State Women’s Volleyball senior outside hitter Alex Simms. Photo courtesy of the Texas State Athletic Department.

Alex Simms is a senior outside hitter on the Texas State Women’s Volleyball team. In her career at Texas State she currently has 821 kills, 2,569 total attacks and has played in 116 matches. I was able to ask Simms some questions about her volleyball career.

Kiersten Ehr: Before every home game Simms has a routine she sticks to, which includes some Chick- Fil- A for lunch.
Alex Simms: I go to class, then I go home, get some rest, watch some Netflix for a bit, then I eat lunch at Chick-Fil-A before every home game. That’s probably bad, but then I go to the gym and get ready to warm up.

KE: Simms reflects on when she was first introduced to club volleyball and her love for the competitiveness the sport offers.
I think I was in third grade. I was more of a basketball player then … and then I remember getting introduced to club volleyball, and once I started playing club volleyball it was just more competitive and I like[d] it because it was more competitive, it wasn’t like school ball or anything like that.

KE: In Simms’ volleyball career she admitted she had an embarrassing moment she was not prepared for.
AS: I think there was one time when I got really upset, I wasn’t paying attention to where the ball was and it just hit me on the head. I thought it went over but it went right there on my head.

KE: On her proudest accomplishments, Simms points out getting the state title in high school twice and playing collegiate volleyball will always be her best memories.
My freshman year and senior year of high school I won state and that was big, and just coming here I feel like that’s a great accomplishment. Just winning conference is best.

KE: Alex simply pointed out that the best advice is to never give up on your dreams.
AS: Just keep on fighting, pretty much. Don’t quit.

KE: When it’s sunny and beautiful in San Marcos Alex likes to enjoy the great outdoors.
AS: When its summer I like to go float the river or hang out by the pool. When it’s not I like to just hang out inside or hang out with friends.

KE: After Simms graduates next year she hopes to pursue a career in helping children in grade school.
AS: I want to do something with kids. My major is psychology and I want to do school psychology to help them out.

Simms is proud of her volleyball career at Texas State and will miss the traditions her team shared. In the meantime, Simms has a few more games in regular season before Texas State hosts the Sun Belt Conference Women’s Volleyball Tournament on November 27, just in time for Thanksgiving break.



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