Top 10 Albums of 2014: Nick Stout

By Nick Stout
Local Music Reviewer 

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10. Mac Demarco, “Salad Days”


9. Tomorrow’s Tulips, “When” 


8. Ariel Pink, “Pom Pom”


7. Spray Paint, “Clean Blood, Regular Acid” 

artworks-000083703805-kybtq2-t500x5006. The War on Drugs, “Lost In The Dream”


5. Ought, “More Than Any Other Day” 


4. Ty Segall, “Manipulator” 


3. Total Control, “Typical System”

a2301055101_102. White Fence, “For the Recently Found Innocent” 


1. Protomartyr, “Under Color of Official Right” 


**Not E.P.s, singles or reissues

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