Top 10 Albums of 2014: Erica Tice

By Erica Tice
Music Reviewer

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#10 Zentropy by Frankie Cosmos
#10 “Zentropy” by Frankie Cosmos


#9 Built on Glass by Chet Faker
#9 “Built on Glass” by Chet Faker


#8 ...And The War Came by Shakey Graves
#8 “…And The War Came” by Shakey Graves


#7 Chinese Fountain by The Growlers
#7 “Chinese Fountain” by The Growlers


Holly by Nick Waterhouse
#6 “Holly” by Nick Waterhouse


#5 How To Run Away by Slow Magic
#5 “How To Run Away” by Slow Magic


#5: St. Vincent by St. Vincent
#4 “St. Vincent” by St. Vincent


#3 Rave Tapes by Mogwai
#3 “Rave Tapes” by Mogwai


#3 Awake by Tycho
#2 “Awake” by Tycho


#1 Zaba by Glass Animals
#1 “Zaba” by Glass Animals




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