centennial and Old Main walkway. Photo by Christopher Cabello

Daily News Recap (3-9-15)

Compiled by Holly Henrichsen
Assistant Web Content Manager

centennial and Old Main walkway. Photo by Christopher Cabello
Photo by Christopher Cabello

The University of Oklahoma expelled its local fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, after a video surfaced of the fraternity engaging in a racist chant this weekend. According to ABC News, the national chapter has shut down the fraternity at the University and several of the members have been expelled. The school president says that the schools affiliations with the fraternity has also been permanently diminished. The fraternity members have until midnight tomorrow to gather their belongings from the fraternity house.
-DaLyah Jones

A record-breaking attempt to fly around the world in a solar-powered plane has completed its first leg. According to BBC News, the aircraft – called Solar Impulse 2 – took off from Abu Dhabi, headed east and landed safely in Muscat, Oman after a 12-hour flight. Over the next five months, it will skip from continent to continent, crossing both the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. The plan is stop off at various locations around the globe, to rest and to carry out maintenance, and also to spread a campaigning message about clean technologies. BBC environment analysts says this a Solar Revolution, now that solar jobs outnumber coal jobs in the United States.
-Reynaldo Leanos Jr.

The United Nations General Assembly is meeting today to discuss women’s equality amid increased worldwide violence toward women. According to a UN report, 35% of women worldwide have been the victim of physical violence in their lifetime, and 1 in 10 women under the age of 18 have been forced to have sex. According to the New York Times, delegates around the world are trying to assess how well their respective governments are ensuring women’s equality. This comes 20 years after a landmark meeting in Beijing, when governments promised to better protect women’s rights and push equality forward.
-Joe Teagle

A Nuclear deal between Iran and the United States appeared to be closed this morning but According to the New York Times, the white house rebuked nearly four dozen republican senators who sent a letter to Iranian leaders about the nuclear negotiations. The letter was an illegitimate interference in president Obama’s foreign policy. The letter was drafted by Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas and signed by most of the republican majority in the senate. Cotton had written the letter because Iran’s leaders might not understand the American constitutional system. Cotton’s intentions were to encourage Democratic senators, Hillary Clinton and more in Congress to approve any nuclear deal with Iran.
-Cynthia Jacobo


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