Curren$y with Spitta

Review of Rap Artist Curren$y’s Song Cargo Planes

Artist: Curren$y
Release: Cargo Planes 2-15-15 (Pilot Talk III Pre-Release)
Label: Warner Brothers

Curren$y with Spitta
Curren$y with Spitta photo courtesy of

2015 has brought in a big wave of exciting projects to shore for lovers of underground hip-hop. Jet Life Recordings founder, Curren$y, transformed a “highdea”  into a strong-growing movement with more than 20 classic projects to date. One of his newest videos, “Cargo Planes,” is the debut song from the long awaited Pilot Talk III album with production from the up and coming artist Joey Fatts. “Cargo Planes” basically sums up how Spitta is constantly in “Boss Mode”; in the music video Curren$y states how his music helps people change their lives in a positive way, and of course Spitta will follow that with clever punchlines of a rendezvous with a vixen from the night before. Pilot Talk III was announced two years ago and is finally scheduled to be released April 4th, 2015. Many fans, as well as Spitta, are counting down days till the release date of this long-awaited studio album.

Listen to Cargo Planes here –

Reviewed by Justin Gonzalez

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