Holiday Mountain

Holiday Mountain Live Performance Review

Artist: Holiday Mountain
Hometown: Austin, Texas
Genre: Dance Pop
Recording Label: The Agency Group

Holiday Mountain
Holiday Mountain Photo Courtsey of


On February 6, 2015, I attended a show at Dozen Street Bar in Austin, Texas. The band, Holiday Mountain, performed a dance-pop party. This was the best show I have seen so far this year.

Holiday Mountain has a new fuse on dance music. Holiday Mountain creates a blend of rock, experimental, psychedelic, and dance music. Their sound sort of reminded me of Gogol Bordello meets Animal Collective meets Sublime. Their music has a really difficult sound to describe, other than it being completely unique, and refreshing.

The band members include the electrifying front woman, Laura Patino, on vocals, and synthesizer; Zander Kagle on drums, and electric percussion; and Bradley Will on electric synthesizer, electric bass, and vocals. The best way I can describe this band is entertaining, electric, and groovy.

Their whole performance was a huge dance party. Dozen Street was packed with people dancing, partying, and having fun nonetheless. Every member was feeling their music, dancing around, making crazy facial expressions, and interacting with the crowd. Their performance was so amazing, no one wanted them to stop playing.

I recommend Holiday Mountain to everyone. It is feel good music. The kind that makes you want to dance your problems away. I recommend seeing them this SXSW! Holiday Mountain will not disappoint you, especially if you are looking to dance the night away. My favorite song by them is “Motion Sickness;” watch it on YouTube for a trippy experience.
 Review by Nicole Kukla

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