San Marcos public library

New Library Director for San Marcos

By: Chelsea Seifert

san marcos public library
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The City of San Marcos selected longtime resident Diane Insley as the new Library Director for the San Marcos Public Library. The search for a new director began in September 2014 when Stephanie Langenkamp retired from the position after 32 years.

Insley, a 26-year employee of the library has served in many positions over the years. Insley first began working for the library as a volunteer before then taking a part-time position as the children’s librarian. Most recently, Insley served as Technical Services Manager and Public Services Manager, a position she’s held for the past eight years.

Much like her previous position, Insley will still have responsibility for the day-to-day activities that happen on the main floor but will additionally manage special programs hosted by the library.

“Now I will also take over more of what I would call the special services that we provide. Some of the programming and outreach. During the summer there will be over 100 free children’s programs as well as adult education classes and other adult programs just for entertainment and informational purposes. So I will also be more involved in planning those or directing those operations at the library,” Insley said.

Having been a San Marcos resident for nearly 30 years, Insley says she proud to have graduated as a Bobcat from Southwest Texas State University in 1987 with her Bachelor of Arts in English. Immediately after, Insley started on her master’s at the University of Texas and graduated in 1989.

For the future, Insley says she wants to make resources more available online.

“We are planning for more and more internet type resources that are available 24/7. I was responsible for starting a page that’s actually called the 24/7 Library. It has all our databases on it as well as free eBooks and downloadable audio books that we provide for our customers,” Insley said.

Insley thinks the ongoing promotion of the services provided by the 24/7 Library will be beneficial for the  library as they focus on having more available online resources.


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