Heems Album Cover of "Home"

Review of Heems Track “Home” feat. Dev Hynes

By Tafari Robertson
Music Reviewer

Track Review: “Home” feat. Dev Hynes by Heems

Heems Album Cover of "Home"
Heems Album Cover of “Home” Photo Courtesy of http://www.pitchfork.com

London producer and indie throwback musician, Dev Hynes, often referred to by his stage name “Blood Orange,” delivers cultured gold in his most recent track release with former member of rap group Das Racist.

Heems, a longing break-up anthem, this track rests nicely in the space between a somber feeling of sadness and an inexplicable urge to dance; a space Hynes seems to have mastered with his tastefully emotive instrumentation and distant vocals. Slated to come out March 10th on Heems first solo release titled Eat Pray Thug, Heems verses sit nicely with Hynes’ production, adding a personal touch to the emotional tones already set by the instrumentation. Painfully relatable, Heems raps about the difficulty of letting go after a relationship cut short. Poetically crooning, “If I could I’d forget you // I would be more forgetful // When it’s cold outside, yeah I miss you // but we had too many issues,” Heems’ verses flow with an emotional candidness all too rare in hip hop today. “Home” offers a refreshingly eccentric beat and approachable emotional tone making it a promising listen for the lonely hearts of 2015 and anyone else looking to reminisce and groove at the same time.

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