The Sun Machine Album Art

The Sun Machine Review

Band Name: The Sun Machine

Upcoming Show: Mar 06 The Historic Scoot Inn Austin, TX

The Sun Machine Album Art
The Sun Machine Album Art Photo Courtesy of

The Sun Machine, 01/24/15

Fifteen years of the century are almost through and the house party lives on. A band might ask: is it relevant to debauch the Saturday night with a house show? Local Austin groups Party Plants, Que Pasa, La Migra, Los Rips, and SLOW resound with a yes! There in the holy house show I found myself. Dirty floors, loud strangers, different styles and the art collective Austin. Every now and again it’s nice to bask in the amplified sonic revelry of a HOUSE SHOW.

East of the Interstate. Formed from the embryonic fusion of psychedelic art rock and blues, The Sun Machine was born from Nathanael, Jese, Tito, Ernest, and Jeff.  Driving projectional sound waves and sub conscious visions into tunnels heavy with space and psychedelic fusion is personal reflection. They play in living rooms and backyards, bars and beautifully wasted parking lots all harmonic with clashes and collapses. This music reconnects with that individual emptiness. The Sun Machine rediscovers itself in a black hole and guides musical party junkies through the neurologic strobe lit hallways of Saturday night.

Review by Ian Ramos

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