Weekly Update: Stephen Frayser 4/13

By Warren Schorr and Tara Pohlmeyer

What’s Trending:

Texas State was trending Monday morning as it was reported that their were possible gun shots were fired.

ACL founder Bill Arthos dies at the age of 80

Preview of Marco Rubio and Hilary Clinton announced they are running for President


Our guest this week is the Executive Director of STAR Park Stephen Frayser.

He talked about the growth of STAR Park and what the future holds as Texas State is an emerging research institution.


Marco Rubio and Hilary Clinton announced they are running for President

Tulsa Deputy Cop mistaken pulled his gun when reaching for his teaser and shot and killed a man


More on Frayser:

Stephen Frayser has worked with Texas State University’s STAR Park for a few years now as their Executive Director, and is very excited to usher in a period of exponential growth for the research facility. Working with start-up companies, Frayser hopes to be able to offer more opportunities for students, whether it be through internships or full-time jobs after graduation.

With a sense of humor and plenty of knowledge, Frayser understands the challenges that may come working with start-up companies. He’s also excited for the future and the moving of Texas State’s 3-Day Start-Up program out to the STAR Park facility. Learn more about the projects and “Discover” STAR Park on their website: http://www.txstate.edu/ocir/STAR-Park.html.

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