the blanco river rises by Wimberley

Hays County Emergency Management Coordinator updates the Hays County Floods

Matthew Hamill
Assistant News Director

Before the Texas Attorney General addressed the media on June 1st, Hays County Emergency Management Coordinator Kharley Smith had the latest regarding the Hays County floods.

Since this press conference the bodies of Sue McNeil Carey, 71, and Laura Schultz McComb, 34, were identified by Hays County officials. This brings the list of missing people down to four. Hays County has recovered nine fatalities and identified eight of them.

Photo credit Matthew Hamill
Photo by Matthew Hamill

Home and landowners in the affected areas are being advised to be conscious of this search.

“We’re still asking landowners to refrain from burning any debris that has not been searched,” Smith said. “We want to make sure that we’re searching those piles for anything that we need to recover.”

Landowners along the Blanco River have been seen burning debris and wood that has washed up on their property. During the flood, entire trees and their root systems were pulled from the ground due to the sheer force of the water. The trees roots acting as large nets catching debris as it flows downstream.

Smith said if an active search for victims is taking place in your area, you should not burn your debris piles due to bodies that may be hidden within the debris.

However, Smith also made it clear that Wimberley businesses are open and ready for customers.

“They have local businesses there that have not been affected by the flooding. They welcome you to come to their area,” Smith said.

The Ranch Road 12 bridge over the Blanco River is still limited to one lane. Smith advised that any volunteers or visitors heading to Wimberley should avoid the Blanco River bridge if possible.

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