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10 College Pet Peeves

todayJune 5, 2015 8

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Kalie Souknary
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We all have those people in our classes that we just can’t stand. Over my three years at Texas State University, I’ve been able to categorize these people and distinguish exactly what I can’t stand about them. This, my fellow bobcats, is a list of college pet peeves.

Students near the LBJ Center.
I’m sure all these people are cool though. Photo by Nathalie Cohetero.
  1. The Loud Snacker
    We all know this person. They bring snacks with them to class– which would be perfectly fine… if they weren’t so d*** loud. Crackers? Chips? Really? You couldn’t choose something soft like a PB&J sandwich, maybe a muffin or something? No you had to make it loud so that I can’t even hear what the professor is saying over your teeth chomping down on some Kettle Cooked Salt & Vinegar Chips.
  2. The Know-It-All
    We know you know all the answers. We know you have a story to go along with everything the professor says. And no, you aren’t that interesting. It’s 9am and you’re trying to tell me about your trip to Florida? Cool, I have no idea what you just said nor did I care.
  3. Always Late
    I can understand showing up late every now and then, but if you do it everyday, reevaluate your life. And if you’re one of those people that show up WAY into class when there’s only 20 minutes left, you look like an idiot. The professor notices your strategy and has probably seen it a million times before. But nice try. I applaud your guts.
  4. The Lazy Elevator Rider
    Did you really just take the elevator up one floor? Thanks for wasting 30 seconds of my and the other 8 people cramped into this elevator’s time.
  5. Campus Couples
    Look, I’m really happy you’re happy, but please stop making out in the quad, library, food court, breezeway, etc. It’s so disgusting and actually painful to watch. Don’t believe me? Start showing some over-the-top PDA and see how fast you clear the area. A kiss here and there is cool but please stop doing borderline foreplay stuff.
  6. The “Can I borrow some paper?” Guy
    I’m guilty of this, but only every so often. However, there are some people who are never prepared. Asking on quiz 1 was fine. Asking on quiz 9, you owe me 50 cents.
  7. Always On Their Phone
    Again, guilty of this sometimes. But it’s really only bad when they have no idea what to do when a test comes up. These are the types of people who have literally learned nothing all semester due to being on their phone and then send out a mass email before midterms saying, “Hey, so I’m kinda screwed on this test. Anyone wanna get a study group together?” Come on, dude. Get your life together.
  8. “I didn’t get that”
    The prof just said it three times. Maybe you and your friends should save your talk about Molly for later.
  9. You Ask Too Many Questions
    You know, the people who just CAN’T wait to ask questions after class or in office hours. They have to ask during class and waste time. PSA: We could be out– if anything– five minutes earlier if you could just save your irrelevant questions for later.
  10. Too Comfortable
    I can dig the pajamas every now and then. But you just looked like you came from a slumber party straight to class. Did you even wash your hair last night? And please get your feet off the back of my chair. Yeah this is college, but this isn’t your house. You’re making a horrible impression.

I’m sure this list can go on and on, and I know it will only expand while I’m here, but next semester, please make an effort to not be one of these people. Together we can make a difference.

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