Texas State Theater Center. Photo by Daryan Jones

Monday News Recap (7-6-15)

by Carlos Marquez

Texas State Theater Center. Photo by Daryan Jones
Photo by Daryan Jones

President Barack Obama held a press conference this afternoon to discuss the situation with ISIS. Obama says that the fight against ISIS will be a long-term campaign adding that the coalition against ISIS has launched more than 5,000 airstrikes. During the conference, President Obama pointed out that we will never be at war with Islam and that the Middle East needs a security force that can sustain control. Although the conflict is intensifying, according to the President, there is no future plans to send American troops over-seas.

The Nation of Greece has voted in a referendum to accept or reject the latest terms of an international bailout. According to BBC News, 63% of the nation’s population took part in the vote and rejected the European Union’s proposal with 61% percent of the voters voting no. Greek banks have been closed and are receiving emergency cash support from the European Central Bank, ECB. In response to the referendum, the ECB ruled today that they would not expand emergency assistance, forcing Greek leaders to come to some kind of bargain. With no emergency assistance, the banks could run out of cash, grinding the Greek economy into a halt and raising the risk of a humanitarian crisis.

Google is launching a new pilot program in Tel Aviv, Israel that is designated to help suburban commuters who need a regular car-sharing program. The program is coordinated by Waze, an app that Google bought in 2013 to complement its Google Maps service. The carpooling program will match people with similar-rush commuters so they can split the financial burden and share a ride. It’s solely designed for standard rush hour times and Google plans to launch the app in more cities with suburban commuter populations, if the trial is successful.

San Marcos City Council will be meeting tomorrow at 6 p.m. at the City Council Chambers where they will hold a public hearing to receive comments for or against the approval of the issuance of a permit to operate a Transportation Network Company in the city of San Marcos. The Council will also discuss levels of naturally occurring fluoride in the city’s water supply as well as the flooding business on North LBJ. There will also be an opportunity for the press and public to ask questions related to the issues listed on the agenda.

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