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Lyrical Breakdown: Logic

by Solange Palumbo
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Lyrical Breakdown

Other side drive segmentsFame is the thirst of youth. It’s glorified. Some may even call it a dream of theirs. But what happens when they finally get there? What happens once they’ve reached stardom? In this song of the week, we see how the rapper, Logic, expresses the heavy burden of fame in which he faces in his song Buried Alive.

Like many famous people, Logic started from a humble beginning. He grew up in an unhealthy environment of drug and alcohol abuse. He never finished high school and worked as a waiter to get by. “I just woke up one day and was just like, man, this isn’t what I love so I’m going to attack what I want, not only with passion and persistence but also with realism…” In 2009, he began going by the name Psychological but later shortened it to Logic. In an interview with RealTalkDMV he said, “One name that really stuck to me was Psychological. I just loved this work because it was about the mind and I knew that’s what my music consists of…”

Logic claimed via Twitter that, “Buried Alive is for anyone with a dream or passion, and the internal battle it takes to attain what you want.”

“Tell me how you feel. I feel like the grass is green. And everything I do is unseen but I know that’s just in my mind…” At the time, Logic was frustrated. He felt like his hard work was being over looked and compared himself to other artists who he felt were doing better than him. Later he realized that the grass was not greener on the other side. He knew that these artists, who seemed to have everything going for them, were also struggling just as much as he was. In an interview with HardKnockTV he said, “I feel like the bigger and bigger I grow as an artist, I feel like I’m burying Bobby alive….If I’m 6 feet underground, of course the grass is greener on the other side.”

As the song goes on, Logic talks about the pressure of being famous as he battles with self-doubt. “Livin’ life like this ain’t real though….Don’t go outside cause it’s dangerous. Why everybody wanna be famous…”

However, Logic is persistent. Even though he feels like he’s been buried alive, he knows that he has to keep going. In order for him to stay at the top, he has to give it his all. In the end, it’s his mindset and determination that will help him succeed. “My mind jaded no I never evade it….I know I’m gonna rise even though I’ve been buried alive…”


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