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The cover art depicts the Doctor Destruction character alongside the characters that make an appearance in the album such as DJ Buck Naked, Kyle, and Sharon, around them is a spaceship that’s going through planets referencing the album’s title “Planetory Destruction”


DOC D: Planetory Destruction Album Review

By Jesse RodriguezMusic Journalist Planetory Destruction is the debut album by Docter Destruction A.K.A “DOC D.” The album comes to us 70 years before its release as DOC D has built a time machine and is creating and releasing the mixtape as he’s simultaneously destroying the universe in the future. At least, that’s the story of this album. But who is DOC D in the real world? DOC D is […]

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Album Review: “No Pressure” by Logic

By Jason ArlineMusic Journalist “No Pressure” is the sixth and final studio album by Maryland rapper Logic and follows the rapper’s announcement of retirement a week before. The album is co-produced along with hip-hop legend No I.D and marks six years since Logic last collaborated with him on its predecessor, “Under Pressure.” Within that time, Logic released four other albums, a soundtrack, six mixtapes and a book. Throughout Logic's career, […]

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A blue head and a yellow head overlap over a microphone.

Philosophy Mixed

Philosophy Mixed: A Return to Analytic Reasoning in our Public Forums

By Nick WilliamsHost From the Texas State Department of Philosophy and KTSW, welcome to Philosophy Mixed, the podcast series exploring philosophy and the nature of things. This session covers the philosophy of analytic reasoning and collective discourse along with the role and use of public forums in the modern era. Participants Facilitators: Rebecca Farinas, Texas State Department of Philosophy; Nick Williams, KTSW Guests: Ann Burnette and Rebekah Fox, Department of […]

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Other side drive segments

Other Side Drive

Lyrical Breakdown: Logic

by Solange Palumbo Other Side Drive Lyrical Breakdown Fame is the thirst of youth. It’s glorified. Some may even call it a dream of theirs. But what happens when they finally get there? What happens once they’ve reached stardom? In this song of the week, we see how the rapper, Logic, expresses the heavy burden of fame in which he faces in his song Buried Alive. Like many famous people, […]

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Logic's Album Cover for Under Pressure


Album Review of Logic’s First Album Under Pressure

Logic Under Pressure By: Andreis Hernandez Personally, Under Pressure is one of the greatest hip-hop albums that was dropped in 2014. After finally signing to Def Jam Records, Logic released his freshman album in late October. Logic is easily one of the most underrated rappers in the game today, and this album surely proves that. Logic is not far behind rappers that create albums through a story such as Kendrick, […]

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