hays county

FEMA Offers Flood Risk Information

By Kasandra Garza
News Reporter

hays county
hays county

The Federal Emergency Flood Agency (FEMA) will be releasing Advisory Base Flood Evaluations (ABFE’s) for parts of Hays, Guadalupe and Caldwell counties.

The ABFEs were released at an “open house” event that took place at the Wimberley Community Center on August 26. The open house was for the citizens of Wimberley, City of Woodcreek and unincorporated areas of Hays County.

The ABFE’s will show how high floodwater may rise during a flood based on recent data. FEMA is encouraging property owners and communities to use the information in instances where base flood elevations have increased and/or where properties are at risks. FEMA also says that the advisory information will help with state and local officials with their rebuilding and recovery efforts.

Homeowners, renters and business owners in the Guadalupe River Basin are encouraged to look over the new ABFE maps in order to determine their flood risks and rebuild their homes. ABFE’s are available on the FEMA region 6 website.

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