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September Movie Guide

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By Andrew Nogay
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September Movie Guide
Photo By Andrew Nogay.

Along with January, February, and August, September is commonly known as a “dump month” for movies. Most people’s summer’s end by September, and people are too preoccupied with school or jobs to go to the theaters en masse. It comes too late for summer blockbusters to be released, and too early for movies that want to garner Oscar attention. Because of that odd in-between, mostly low-budget and critically panned films are put out in September. Not to say that there haven’t been good or successful movies released in September. After all, American Beauty was released in September, and that won a boatload of Oscars. Like the other months, some of the movies listed are either limited releases or only available through video on demand. Luckily, San Marcos is close enough to the cool theaters in Austin that play the odd and limited-released films that they’re not out of reach for those of us with a car.

Movies Releasing 9/4

The Transpoter Refueled

My Thoughts: I’m not going to lie, it took me a while to realize this was a reboot of the Transporter movies, not just a sequel. In my mind I was thinking “why the heck would the Transporter movies get a reboot?”, because it certainly isn’t because of the quality of the first three movies, nor because it is a completely original idea that could be done well in a different way. Then I realized “oh, to make money.” So they will, and they won’t even have to pay a big salary to Jason Statham since they’re getting a relatively unknown actor (the dude who was the first Daario in Game of Thrones) to play the role of Frank Martin. It looks like the studio is betting on the prestige of The Transporter over the prestige of The Stath. I’m not sure if they’ll win that bet.

A Walk in the Woods

My Thoughts: So my grandma just moved in with my family in Austin, and if I ever have the desire to see a movie with her, I know which one to go to. That’s a definite positive about this movie. However, you could make a delicious latte with how vanilla this movie looks. Robert Redford and Nick Nolte playing off each other is pretty exciting, especially if Nick Nolte goes full crazy like we all know he can. Or this movie could be as dull as the trailer was.

Before We Go

My Thoughts: This is Chris Evan’s directorial debut, and I guess he figured if Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ryan Gosling and Joel Edgerton can direct a film, he could too. It honestly looks like a more American Before Sunrise, maybe with less romanticism. However, the trailer got me as soon as I heard The National play, and I was a fan of how the movie looked. Screw it, we need more people making passion projects!

Movies Releasing 9/11

The Perfect Guy

My Thoughts: This movie looks like relatively standard romantic/thriller fare, though I do like Sanaa Lathan. Hopefully this is a meatier role than being a voice on The Cleveland Show and Family Guy. Hopefully. I will say that the best-case scenario for this movie is that Michael Ealy goes full-psycho and just takes the movie on his ride. Which the trailer hinted at. He was hiding under the bed of his girlfriend, who he’s stalking! That is pretty hilarious. We need more of that. Who knows, maybe this movie is a dissection of alpha-male rage. Or maybe it’s relatively standard romantic/thriller fare.

The Visit

My Thoughts: M. Night Shyamalan has a new movie, and it looks like the Paranormal Activity movies have finally influenced him. Really though, this one looks like it’s embracing the inherent comedy of his movies, which could be kinda cool actually. Or it’ll make it really boring and self-serving. Just the fact that he’s doing a found-footage is hilarious to me. However, this scenario is actually really terrifying. Imagine being a young child, in a person’s house who you don’t know, but are supposed to trust, while crazy stuff happens around you. That is a good premise. We just don’t know if Shyamalan can execute good premises anymore.

Sleeping With Other People

My Thoughts: I’m just down for anything involving Allison Brie anyways, so the fact that this movie looks pretty good just means I’ll see it the day it comes out, rather than two days after it comes out. Add on Jason Sudeikis along with a deep and talented supporting cast with a good writer/director, and you have yourself a film.

Time Out of Mind

My Thoughts: Richard Gere has never been nominated for an Oscar, and with this movie it looks like he’s making a push for one. A homeless man in denial trying to reconnect with with estranged daughter is a powerful idea, if a little worn out. My one thing with this movie is how is it going to be different from so many other dramas that come from a similar vein? I honestly want to know if it does.

Movies Releasing 9/18


My Thoughts: For a movie that seems pretty uninteresting, Everest sure was able to get some good stars in it. Jake Gyllenhaal, Keira Knightley, Josh Brolin, Robin Wright, Emily Watson, Jason Clarke and Sam Worthington is a really solid cast. This seems like a sort of on-Earth Gravity, but without the innovative direction of Alfonso Cuarón. To be fair though, Mount Everest would be a rough place to experience an awful snowstorm, that could be exciting. Not that I’ll ever have to go through something like that here in Texas.

Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

My Thoughts: I didn’t have any real interest in seeing the first one, though I’m not its target audience. I have no real interest in seeing the second one either, though I’m not its target audience. It does have Gus from Breaking Bad in it, which is pretty cool…

Black Mass

My Thoughts: This movie has my interest, actually. It’s done by the guy who made Crazy Heart and Out of the Furnace, two well-respected films. It has a large cast, a large budget and is based on an interesting story. Johnny Depp has even done great crime dramas before, like Donnie Brasco and Blow. There’s just something about this movie that I can’t place my finger on that I can’t trust it being good. Maybe the trailers just didn’t grab me, maybe I’ve just soured on Depp as a leading man. I’m keeping my eye on this one.

About Ray

My Thoughts: This movie takes such a serious subject, a teenager transitioning from a female to a male, and it looks like it interjects energy and comedy alongside the personal drama. From the trailer alone, I know I want to watch the scenes with Naomi Watts and Susan Sarandon, they both seem like they kill it. I’m also interested in if this movie creates a career-jump for Ellie Fanning like Boys Don’t Cry did for Hillary Swank. Depending on how critics react to it, this could be one of the first Oscar contenders released this year I think.

Movies Releasing 9/25

Hotel Transylvania 2

My Thoughts: I’m boycotting all Adam Sandler-related things until he apologizes for That’s My Boy. Sorry Hotel Transylvania 2, you don’t even look half bad.

The Intern

My Thoughts: Robert DeNiro is my favorite actor of all time, and I’m glad he’s still getting leading roles every now and then. Of course, they’re in movies like this, which doesn’t necessarily look great. I’m sort of surprised that Anne Hathaway is in this movie though, she’s an Oscar winner now and a legitimate A-list actress.

The Green Inferno

My Thoughts: This is Eli Roth’s cannibal movie, which was made a few years ago but is just now getting a release. Cannibal exploitation films from the 80’s, like Cannibal Holocaust and Cannibal Ferox, is one of my favorite weird sub-genres in horror history. Plus I know that Eli Roth is knowledgable in everything horror, to the point that he will make his homage tasteful. At least as tasteful as cannibal movies can get, I should say. The one thing about this is that it’s rated R, but I know that there has to be a grizzlier, unrated cut out there. I’m not sure if it is worth it to wait for that version to come out, or see it in theaters.


My Thoughts: So this is odd. Roland Emmerich, one of the more notorious and successful blockbuster directors of the past two decades, apparently made a medium-budget movie about the Stonewall Riots. It is a fictionalized portrayal of them, but it is already suffering backlash about not being historically accurate. I mean, what did people expect? It’s from the director whose movie about Independence Day had aliens rather than white dudes with long coattails.

99 Homes

My Thoughts: Michael Shannon might be one of the best actors in the world right now, and he looks as intense as ever in this movie. Him and Andrew Garfield have such different energies, them playing off each other could be great. You know I was going to say that Garfield looks a little too young to play a father, but as it turns out he’s 32 so I’m completely off base here. As usual.

Mississippi Grind

My Thoughts: I’ve always been a fan of Ryan Reynolds, but he probably isn’t a leading man in normal Hollywood blockbusters. It looks like he is playing to his strengths in this movie, those being his natural charisma and ability to make you believe he is in control. However, Ben Mendelsohn looks like the rock of this movie. Sometimes you can just tell from a short clip, or a trailer, or one scene when an actor kills a role, and Mendelsohn absolutely looks like he gives an amazing performance here. 

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