Float Fest 2015: Youngblood Hawke Interview

Interviewer: Brittany Robinson
Interviewees:  Sam Martin, Simon Katz, Alice Katz, and Nik Hughes

Youngblood Hawke
Youngblood Hawke at Float Fest 2015. Photo by Wes Boland.

Some of you are from San Antonio, what do you think makes Texas different and how do you perform when you come here?

Simon: Well, I think besides the Tex-Mex, which is pretty much the number one reason why we come back, it’s the people. Because the people here are so welcoming and warm, you know? It’s really that southern hospitality vibe that permeates the whole state.

Sam: And I think they like to party a little bit more than the average people.

Yeah, people are pretty wild here sometimes.

Simon: Particularly, San Marcos.

So would you say that is one of the things you’re most excited to see at Float Fest?

Simon: Yeah, absolutely. We love to see everyone go wild.

Should we expect any new songs to be performed?

Simon: Yes, well, we have a new song that we released a few months back called ‘Pressure’. We also have new song that we will not be preforming tonight, but it is coming out soon and will be performing it soon. It’s called ‘Knock Me Down’.

What should we be looking forward to in your next album, any differences or more of the same?

Simon: Yeah Definitely

Sam: Yeah, it’s completely different. Just different storytelling and not really a darker tone but a bit grittier. We had no interest in creating a record that sounded exactly the same.

Well if you could revamp your band as a different genre and could rename it what would it be?

Sam: It would be called Stacy’s Fake Limb. and it would be like Reggae with like screaming

Simon: Reggae with like Screaming? What is that like, Scraggae?

Oh you guys are innovators! Any examples you would give out?

Sam: No, it hasn’t been done yet

Third album ideas possibly?

Simon: I think we are on to something

What album would you float down the river to?

Simon: Always good to float down to some Jimmy Buffet, you know?

Yeah if you’re barbecuing, maybe?

Sam:  The new Tame Impala


Sam: Neil Young, I don’t know, Caribbean music or instrumentals.

Simon:  Yeah or like someone floating next to us playing steel drum

Alice: That would be amazing.

Sam: That’s what we need more of in our music, steel drums. We haven’t really utilized that yet.

Well, do you actually plan on floating the river today?

Nik: Our guitarist is there right now.

Simon: Yeah he is not at this interview because he is floating on a river

Sam: We tried but it was just too hectic.

You can find more of Youngblood Hawke at their Facebook or Twitter

Intro/Outro song – “Pressure”, mid song -“ Knock Me Down”

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