Julie Nolen: Trouble Junkie

By Jimmy Preston
KTSW Web Content

This week on 100 Proof Radio, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Austin singer-songwriter, Julie Nolen. Born and raised on a cotton farm in west Texas, Julie knew from early on that she was destined to be under the bright lights in a bigger city. After calling Austin home many years ago, Julie found her voice and her rhythm.

When Julie takes the stage, she takes control. Her commanding voice and determined guitar strumming drive the bus, and you are simply a passenger on a Americana-rock-country joyride. If you haven’t had the chance to see her live, you can listen to the tracks below from her appearance on KTSW this past week.

Soon to embark on a short tour with Mandy Rowden, Julie is also raising funds for her new album, “Songs of Dignity and Grit.” The album is slated to be released later this fall, and will not stray far from the soulful-gritty sound of the title track, “Dignity and Grit.” The songs Julie writes are not tall-tales, they are stories of experience and a life lived without apologies. Love won or lost, heartache, triumphs, betrayal, and a little humor are the foundations to feelings that translate to soulful rocking tunes that will leave you asking for more.

If you enjoy what you hear, send her a tweet and tell her. Make sure you tell her Jimmy sent you.

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