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Let’s Talk Reality: Twinning

todaySeptember 22, 2015 27

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by Malcolm Thomas
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    Let’s Talk Reality: Twinning

VH1 seems to have all of television’s hit reality shows on their roster. From the dramatic reality shows to the laid back reality shows, they have it all. Personally, I’m starting to drift away from the reality shows that don’t have meaning; I’m now more interested with the shows that have substance and a goal to reach by the end of the series.

VH1’s “Twinning” contains great substance in my opinion. “Twinning” is new to the scene of reality television and actually premiered this year on July 22. This show features twelve sets of  identical twins as they battle it out to win a large sum of money. Their challenges always seem to test their knowledge of one another in mental or physical obstacles. Or as most people call it, their twin-tuition. The show’s viewers appear to be increasing for each episode and shows no sign of whining down.

I always love to give you guys the hardcore facts about the show just in case you don’t know about it, then get to the interesting part. Since “Twinning” is a competition series, of course they all live in one big house. However, the key part is that each pair of twins are split up into two separate parts of the house. In my opinion, this is when the series gets extremely dramatic. The twins act as if they cannot be away from their twins until the next challenge. As if they haven’t been growing up with their twin their whole life. I would understand if they were in a situation like the movie “The Parent Trap,” but they are not. But then again I cannot judge because I’m not a twin and I don’t know the feeling.

Did I mention that there are male and female sets of twins in the house? Well, yes it is and they are not separated by gender. Interesting, huh? This is where the drama comes in and as you all know it wouldn’t be a reality show if it did not contain drama. The individuals are always getting into arguments or fights with others because of defending their sibling. I’ve even seen some of them get into like actual fist fights. Like, really. Is it that serious? I guess it is if you’re defending your twin and competing to win money too. There is always love in the air as well with some of the siblings, which brings some light to the drama.

I would have to say the most exciting parts for the twins is winning a challenge. Why? When they win a challenge they get to be with their twin for twenty-four hours straight, they get to choose another set of twins to be put up for elimination, and they get to be one step closer to the money. In my opinion, “Twinning” is very interesting and different. It’s not everyday where you can see a reality television show where family members compete for money. It only gets better because they are identical twins. Twinning has really caught my eye and I can’t wait to watch the rest of the show unfold.

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