De la Tierra Exhibit on Campus

Trevor Frank
News Reporter

Photo taken by Trevor Frank
Photo taken by Trevor Frank

Dr. Tomas Rivera is one of Texas State’s most distinguished alumni. After earning a degree in English, he went on became a nationally recognized author of Chicano literature and taught at several Texas Schools and Universities.

As a way to honor his legacy, Texas State has chosen its theme for the 2015-2016 school year as the Common Experience an initiative that cultivates conversation on Rivera’s seminal Chicano Novel “No Se Lo Trago Tierra,” or the Earth did not devour him.

As a component of the “Common Experience” theme the Texas State Gallery is featuring “De la Tierra” an exhibit that explores the vibrant imagery and symbols of Rivera’s novel. Gallery director Chad Dawkins says the gallery was built around Riveras novel.

“De la Tierra is an exhibition that is happening to be a part of the University’s

common experience program so all the works for the exhibition were selected by our guest curator Michael Anthony Garcia in Austin and his thinking was taking from the story of Tomas Riveras book and building an exhibition around that.”

Photo taken by Trevor Frank
Photo taken by Trevor Frank

De la Tierra was curated by Michael anthony Garcia of Austin and features the works of nine different artists.

Anyone can view the artwork for free in the art gallery at the Joan Cole Mitte building. The artwork will be on display until October 7th.

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