san marcos ribbon cutting ceremony

San Marcos Holds Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for N LBJ Improvements

Taylor Zavala
News Director

san marcos ribbon cutting ceremony
Photo taken by Angelica Buitron

The City of San Marcos celebrated the completion of the North LBJ improvement project. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held at the corner of North LBJ drive and Forest Street.

The North LBJ Drive Improvements project began on October 14, 2013. The $7,000,000 project included upgrades to water and wastewater utilities, and improved drainage.

Many San Marcos officials were in attendance for the ribbon cutting ceremony, including the San Marcos City Council and San Marcos Mayor Daniel Guerrero, who says he is very happy the project has been completed despite the challenges that were faced.

“It’s been going on for a number of years,” Guerrero said. “I wanna say this project probably took up more than 36 months. The issues that we’ve had with the project is that it’s a roadway that’s utilized on a regular basis by large bus traffic, residential traffic, pedestrians, cyclists, so the other thing is that the topography of the area as well, you never know what you may run into underneath. So fortunately we were able to get through each of those other challenges.”

Highlights regarding the improvement project include widening the roadway and adding bike lanes and sidewalks.

City of San Marcos Director of Engineering and Capital Improvement Projects, Laurie Moyer, hopes that completion of the project will show the importance of alternate transportation options.

Photo taken by Angelica Buitron

“So I think it’s great that the projects complete and we can finally show that alternate modes of transportation are important in this city,” Moyer said. “We want to continue that. We want to make it safe for people to not have to get in their cars and drive everywhere. And we wanna make it look good too, so that people enjoy being out and walking and biking, as well as making it easier for them to get around in their vehicles.”

North LBJ and Chestnut Drive are now open for both way traffic, after LBJ was detoured for northbound traffic, and Chestnut was detoured for southbound traffic for the duration of construction.

For more San Marcos traffic updates, you can visit the official City of San Marcos website.

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