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Shocktober Fiction Series: Episode Two

todayOctober 28, 2015 4

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by Daniela Garcia
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*Warning: Shocktober is a suspense story series. All short stories are original. If you do not wish to be spooked, please skip this series.*

Haven’s town clock chimed in what seemed like a painful groan. Everything seemed different to Beaux. There was no one around and it wasn’t the way she remembered everything. Her mind had been too busy playing out different ways of asking Andy if he would have liked to join her a costume party that she hadn’t been as aware of her surroundings as Andy. He was the one that had pointed out how empty the town was yet he was also the one that was gone. Melanie’s party would possibly have to wait. Or perhaps, Melanie’s party would never happen next week because now Beaux was trapped in what seemed like the worst situation she could ever imagine.

Mo rested in her arms while Beaux tried to soothe her with some soft pats.

“It’s okay Mo. It’s okay. We’ll be home in no time. We just have to-” Beaux was cut off by an incredibly loud sound that drowned out Beaux’s screams as she traveled through what felt like a time-vacuum. In the quick commotion of the air around here, the scene of the desolate town, the her mother’s car aflame and the smeared trail of blood that belonged to Andy all disappeared.


Shortly after the pressure popped her ears, Beaux landed on her back on a spiderweb display of the costume store, with Mo still shutting her eyes in fear of her surroundings. Luckily Beaux’s grip on her baby sister remained and Mo was unharmed. She had stopped crying in what was possibly shock. Beaux sighed. But she knew that the the relief was only temporary.

It almost felt as though Mo was starting to be okay because she placed her tiny hand on Beaux’s cheek as a tear escaped a corner of her eye. This was good for Beaux as she didn’t have to comfort her much and Beaux knew it wasn’t the end of a bad day just yet. Instead her sister comforted her as she took a few moments to lay there and sob. She didn’t want Mo to see her but it was too late so she lay staring at the ceiling instead, through clouded eyes.

She had to find Andy, but Beaux had been transported here…somehow. She couldn’t figure out what was happening because there wasn’t a logical explanation to anything today.  Why was no one here? Why was Mo alone in the car with slashed tires out of an array of slashed tires? But why was the car here in the first place? And what were her parents going to do once they found out a fire had swallowed it whole? Or so she’d assumed.

Windows exploded in the distance that made the windows of the shop vibrate

Yep. It’s gone.

Mo’s wide eyes searched Beaux’s. Quickly Beaux made her way to stand but when she did she realized her clothes were stuck on something. The only part of her body that was then free was her head and Mo. By trying to get up, she had gotten her arm stuck as she rested the other on her chest.

Beaux didn’t know how, but the spiderweb had expanded and was being pulled up through holes in the roof. She blinked the remaining tears away and had to rub her eyes because what she was seeing next was another unthinkable thing that did not make sense.

In several spots of the roof, holes revealed multiple large eyes accompanied by darkly haired legs crawling towards them.

Panic rose in her throat as she talked over the distinctive squealing of the spiders. On the counter, she caught sight of a glimmer that she hoped were a pair of scissors.

“Okay. Mo. I know you probably won’t understand what I’m saying and it’ll sound terrible and it’s probably pointless because I don’t even think you can walk yet but I need you to-”

“Beaux,” Mo interrupted to Beaux’s surprise as she stirred from her arms and turned to look at her older sister who was in shock at having heard Mo talk for the first time. She was only two years old and fairly small. But she turned away and began crawling over Beaux’s jeans as she shoved the end of Beaux’s scarf into her hand and closed it into fist.

“Where are you going? Why are you taking my- Are you climbing down? Using my scarf? Wait- Mo, I can take off my coat and I’ll be pantless but it’s worth getting outta here right?” Beaux stopped and pointed at the approaching spiders as they quickly begun to spin the older sister around her head as Mo let go off the edge. Her sister’s screams were now muffled.

Minutes later of panic, Beaux felt something cold and sharp at her fingertips. Her left arm was still free, even though her nails couldn’t tear through the web, she could puncture the surrounding spiders that she could feel in hopes that she wouldn’t hurt Mo.

Her arms flailed and she felt the ends of the scissors sink into something mushy that let off a loud squeal.

“Gottit!” Mo exclaimed as she crawled back towards the edge.

Beaux did this several times until she heard and felt silence.

“Mo? Mo? Are you okay??” Panic rose in her voice

She cut the web around her head vainly wishing she wouldn’t snip her hair.

Somehow she could still breathe and see through a hazy veil of web. But the cool air felt wonderful and she could see again. At least somewhat, since outside night was falling.

“How strong is this stuff?” She frustratingly fidgeted with the scissors around her head attempting the best tactic. But it was getting harder to breath.

She brought the scissors up to the only point she could sense would actually tear, right at her neck where her chin protruded and she could puncture the space she knew was the only air she had to breath.

A scream sounded from the edge of the web and shortly after Beaux no longer felt the weight of her sister hanging on to her scarf.

The scissors tore through the web and she was able to breath wholly again . Quickly she began snipping at the web to reveal her clear vision. The store was pitch black. How did it go dark so quickly?

It’s only 6:46, Beaux thought to herself as she looked at her glow-in-the-dark watch. I always knew there would be a good time for a watch like this. She couldn’t help but let out a short laugh at the unintended pun. But she quickly covered her mouth tightly as she heard movement through the shelves of the store that then traveled through the costume racks. She snipped away around her body and hoped the landing would not be too painful if she managed to face forward. She closed her eyes and hoped for the best, but was surprised to hear a familiar rustle around her as she landed against several gathered pile of leaves.

“Thank goodness,” she broke the silence and once again heard the hair-raising sound of something heavy and soft scutter the floor at a fast speed.

She knew there had to be a light around here somewhere. The costume store never failed to have an entire section of lamps and flashlights. She shined her watch light-a light her father said she wouldn’t need because it was a glow-in the dark watch- against the racks and shelves as she gathered herself up and slowly made her way to the section of lights.

The only way Beaux could use her watch light was by pressing the button and it would then light up for five seconds. So until she managed to find a medium-sized flashlight off one of the hooks, she had to keep pressing the button. She did this six times before finding the switch on the flashlight and discovering it was already preinstalled with batteries. But before she lit the flashlight, her watch revealed a multiple set of eyes staring at her at the end of the aisle, carrying something fairly small over it’s back.

“Mo!” Beaux shrieked for her baby sister who’s tiny mouth was tapered with web but eyes wide in horror.

The light in the watch gave out once more but by the time the flashlight was lit, both Mo and the giant spider who had her on its back, were gone.

***End of Episode 2***

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