Minuano: Minuano EP Review

By Kendra Sells
Local Music Reviewer

Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 1.07.05 PMArtist: Minuano
Album: Minuano EP
Release Date: May 15, 2015
Website: https://minuano.bandcamp.com/

Minuano (n.); a cold wind that blows in the South of Brazil and Uruguay, or my new favorite emo/math-rock band fresh out of Austin, Texas. Their EP, although released earlier in May, will be the perfect companion to the bitter cold winds of the upcoming seasons, but in the most pleasing way possible. The EP consists of driving drums, intricate guitar riffs, and delicate heartbreaking vocals.

The Minuano EP is not particularly conceptual, yet it was the band’s journey to discovering how they play together. When talking to guitarist, vocalist and songwriter Alex De Los Santos about his lyrics, he says the EP “deals with loss of someone or something and just feeling like you want to give up sometimes. If there’s anything I would want to convey it’s that it’s okay to be sad sometimes. I use songwriting as more of an outlet for my own depression and I’m sure everyone can find their own outlet.” De Los Santos so elegantly demonstrates raw emotion and feeling with his words. Deep, honest and personal lyrics dance atop well-crafted syncopations, and the perfect chords join together to resonate throughout the body and soul.

For lovers of Moving Mountains, Brand New, Tokyo Police Hotel and Manchester Orchestra, add the Minuano EP to your playlists and get to feeling. The band is hoping to release more music by the end of 2015. Check out their EP on their bandcamp page! https://minuano.bandcamp.com/

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