San Marcos Recovery in Effect Following Oct. 30 Flooding

DaLyah Jones
News Reporter

Photo taken by Janelle Abad
Photo taken by Janelle Abad

The City of San Marcos is in the recovery stages this week, after being hit by a severe thunderstorm that flooded parts of the city. Communications Director Kristi Wyatt says the city is currently assessing damages to the San Marcos area. 

“We have a couple plans in place for people who have had damage to their home. The first thing is we want to know if you’ve had damage to your home, or apartment. So we are sending assessment teams out, we’ve assessed 75% of the area we think was affected, but there may be areas that were flooded that we don’t know about. So we’re asking people to email us at with your name, your address and a description of the type of flooding that you had in your home. How many inches you got, what was destroyed, so that we can come by and take a look.”

The city is asking San Marcos citizens to put flood debris in specific piles at the front of their yards so they can be picked up by the city and properly disposed of. Wyatt says that a survivor resource center has been established.

“We have also established a survivor resource center. That’s going to be in Kyle, at the Old City Hall in Kyle. That starts tomorrow (November 3) through Thursday (November 5), that’s going to be taking place from 6-9 p.m. And this is going to be a center where people can get information from the non-profit organizations and faith based groups who are providing resources. So anything from assistance with replacing things that you lost in the flood, or if you need medical care, glasses, if you need a new driver’s license, this is the place you can go to get information, all of that.

Wyatt said San Marcos will also provide a bus service for residents who were affected in the flood and lack transportation, emphasizing “If you don’t have transportation to Kyle, we will have buses running from the Activity Center to the survivor resource center in Kyle between 5 and 8:30 tomorrow evening, Wednesday (11/04) and also on Thursday (11/05).”

Wyatt also says that the city is prepared for the expected rain later this week. She urges both students and San Marcos citizens to sign up for alerts so that they are properly informed in the case of an emergency.

“I just really want people to make sure that they use the resources that we have out there for them. We are doing the best that we can, to push resources out but we have information on our website at which is the same website we used the last time, we’re updating our Facebook and Twitter with information as it comes in. And so we ask that you not only take a look at that, but share it with other people in the community and sign up for those alerts. Those are the most important things.”

For the latest updates, follow the City of San Marcos on Facebook or Twitter.

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